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You can listen to the words, but you can only trust the actions.” (Balzac).

Managing Partner and Insolvency Practitioner

With over 20 year of experience he has acquired a vast legal practice, managing a large series of complex litigation with areas such as: labor law, insolvency, bankruptcy, reorganizations, shareholder litigation, privatization litigation, insurance, industrial property, real estate etc.

In addition to his barrister expertise, his professional knowledge expands to business law, real estate, concessions, infrastructure, including voluntary or judicial reorganization.

His management abilities, as well as the solid understanding of business environment and specific markets, allows Călin Giurgiu to support the team of specialized partners for efficient management of the services offered to our clients.

He is a member of the Bucharest Bar, the National Association of Romanian Bars, the Romanian National Association of Insolvency Practitioners, acting both as attorney at law, as well as insolvency practitioner. He speaks: Romanian, English, Hungarian and French.

Contact: calin.giurgiu@gplex.ro