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Insolvenţă Services

The Insolvency Department

The Insolvency Department was established in 2009 and has developed an impressive portfolio.

The team composed of attorneys, accountants and external specialized partners efficiently manage the proceedings with the insolvency matters for clients operating in fields such as the oil industry, real estate, electronics production and distribution or constructions.



 Administration and Receivership:

We provide management services for activity reorganization, as well as for drafting the supervising the reorganization plan.

We ensure the supervision of debtor’s operation for management of assets.

We perform all formalities regarding the assembly, presiding and ensuring operation of the creditors/shareholders/stockholders or legal person debtor members meetings.

We ensure examination services concerning debtor’s activity for which the insolvency procedure is initiated in respect to the actual state of facts and drafting the report of the causes and circumstances leading to the insolvency, mentioning the potential liable persons and the possibility of their liability before court.

We can provide services in respect to sealing activities, assets inventory and enforcing the adequate measures for their conservation.

We check the receivables and follow the effective recovery from the debtor’s assets, in capacity to promote, support and represent the interests with any legal proceedings or challenge before any competent authority of any degree.

We perform the procedures specific to payment recovery on behalf of the debtor and their record in the debtor’s asset account, we insure the conclusion of transactions, sale of assets from the debtor, renounce of in rem guarantees, provided these are confirmed by the syndic judge.


Conciliation within the Arrangement with Creditors:

We draft together with the debtor, the arrangement offer, with its components, respectively the arrangement project and recovery plan, we draft the creditors’ registry;

We maintain an active connection with the arranging creditors’ meeting regarding the observance or inadequate observance by the debtor of its respective undertakings;

We oversee the performance of all undertakings assumed by the debtor by the arrangement with the creditor and assist until the termination of this procedure.


As of its incorporation our Insolvency Department has managed various insolvency cases (bankruptcy, liquidation) registering an impressive portfolio of company out of which we are delighted to mention:


Complet Construct S.R.L.; Fiva Com S.R.L.; Glasstek S.R.L.; Good Food Delivery S.R.L.; Jovial Office S.R.L.; Stil Office S.R.L.; Tactic Munteanu S.R.L.; Termo Sistems Control S.R.L.; Challenge Management S.R.L.; Ketyng Com S.R.L.; Pansy Total S.R.L.; Premium Fortune S.R.L.; Sete Ideea S.R.L.-D;

Two A Media Production S.R.L.; A&R Global Business Solutions S.R.L.; Abdera S.R.L.; Acinmod 2003 S.R.L.; Agrom International S.R.L.; Avi-Mar Comprod S.R.L.; Bet`Arava Construct Company S.R.L.; Dagro Impex S.R.L.; Est Cardinal S.R.L.; Gigatom Comert S.R.L.; Mico Serv -Mob S.R.L.; Prius Serv S.R.L;

Rem`Art Construct Consult S.R.L.; Serac Impex Com S.R.L.; Alponis Impex S.R.L.; Arctic Paper S.R.L.; Ava Pro Construct S.R.L.; CCDO Development S.R.L.; CF & CD Impex S.R.L.; Cosimagro Prod S.R.L.; Dear Style S.R.L.; Estco Impex S.R.L.; Ex Aequo S.R.L.; Finesse Dent S.R.L.; Florin si Dan S.R.L.; GL Media&Publishing S.R.L.;

Liber Price S.R.L.; Petmetal S.R.L.; Prest Clean International S.R.L.; Shiv Graphics S.R.L.; Pro Print Art S.R.L.; Roiocan Construct S.R.L.; Top Protocol Cleaning S.R.L.; Top Protocol Distribution S.R.L.; Utco Management S.R.L.;

Util Strategiv Serv S.R.L.; Avantgarde Security S.R.L; Baxi Romania S.A.; Roel Electronics S.R.L.; Trans Atlantis S.R.L.